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The Ibrahim Logistics is a freight forwarding company that helps you in the import and export of all kind of products and from all around the world. It is the best place to increase your trade and import-export business in Pakistan. Ibrahim Logistics company will helps you in growing your business and international deals in importing and exporting services. This online trading platform works for your trades in the international market. We are the best import and export company in Pakistan which provide you the best platform for you to start your business in the export and import. It helps you find best suppliers of the required products around the globe. It deals in importing all kinds of products for all its customers.

Custom Clearance in Pakistan, Ibrahim Logistics becomes the most important freight forwarding company when you want to Import or Export goods in a country. There are many procedures which you have to follow as per the state law. This procedure is also called Import and Export Custom Clearance in Pakistan. This whole process requires the time for preparation and submission of necessary documents and permits to government. That’s why you need a professional agency to fulfill your requirements. Ibrahim Logistics worldwide has almost many years of experience in Custom Clearance in Karachi, Pakistan.
We are the professionals who represent out client during an inspection, duty, payment of duty and delivery as a result whole process become easy for our clients. Furthermore, a highly experienced professional team coordinating with worldwide agents and find a best logical solution to all your requirements. This makes us best in Import and Export services  in Lahore, Karachi Pakistan.

Ibrahim Logistics clears your delivery either from any port to your doorstep or Ship directly from overseas suppliers to your doorstep. Furthermore, if you are looking for a storage facility for your goods, we offer a safe and secure warehouse facility in Lahore, Karachi and Pakistan for your goods.

Import and Export company in Pakistan:

The large population of Pakistan makes the market full of potential. This potential has increased day by day and made the business of import-export very much popular in Pakistan. People are attracted to this business for many reasons among which the most important is foreign currency which provide a great revenue. This foreign currency brings massive profit to the businessmen when converted in the Pakistani rupee. The trading is done with the countries who have diplomatic relations with Pakistan which is the only factor that limits its scope. The business of import-export is made easier by our company because we provide you with the best import and export services in Pakistan.

Imports from China:

Pakistan has the best diplomatic relations with China, and these friendly relations make the import of products from China more comfortable than any other country. Ibrahim logistics helps you in importing all kinds of products from China. All types of consumer goods and commercial-type products are imported from China by Ibrahim Logistics.

Importer and Exporter of Records:

We are the Best import export company in Pakistan and we also cater to the services of IOR (Importer of Records) /EOR (Exporter of Record) at very nominal charges. Therefore, benefit from our services in order to cross the goods through the legal authorities. As a result a physical registration at the cross-border points not required. We have years of experience in the field of trading & forwarding has made us robust in clearing commodities. Almost hassle-free & smooth process with the existing rules and regulations complying with state law.

Freight and Forwarding:

Freight Forwarding Is a transportation process to import and export the goods from one destination to another destination and it’s a long term and time taken process in which you have to face a lot of difficulties and other things but a Freight Forwarding company may help you to reach your goals without facing any issues and difficulties.


Ocean freight is very useful when we are going to the shipping items that are very heavy. Obviously, a ship can handle a lot of volume of goods if we compare with any different kind of transportation and transport weight on a ship is not much of an issue. If you have large goods and product that you want to move from one country to another country than using Ocean freight is probably the best and cheap option if we compare with other freight services.


Ibrahim Logistics crane rental services provider has the best team of trained professionals will work with you to give you a solution designed to meet your specific financial needs, throughout Lahore and across Pakistan.

The expertise of Ibrahim Logistics crane and rental services provider has the best team will give you the best services and you will feel comfortable with your equipment and get your job done on time. Our rental crane units are controlled by Ibrahim Logistics support and a service network to look after your unit, no matter where you are in Lahore and across Pakistan. The ability to hire an Ibrahim Logistics unit specifically designed for Lahore and Pakistan conditions means that you can get to work in no time. The Ibrahim Logistics crane and rental services provider is made up of our most popular units as well as our newest introductions to the Pakistan market. Our dry and wet hire rental solutions range from short to long term arrangements, and we can customize units in our rental fleet to meet the ongoing requirements of long-term clients.


Ibrahim Logistics gives you a credible road freight services by knowing as much about your business targets as transportation concerns in your region. Through clear communication, thoughtful conspiracy and dedicated follow-through, our Road Freight management teams pursue to understand your intentions and create solutions that deliver. We merge simple, regulated Road Freight products with a mass of customization preferences to accomplish the optimal balance of lead-time, space, frequency and cost.