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If you want to bring your personal effects items with you and you want them to arrive in good at your place of destination it can be anywhere in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan across Pakistan, or Worldwide. Many Clients transport goods overseas for a variety of reasons, including for business purposes, to move abroad, or to send items to family and friends in another city.
Ibrahim Logistics deals with a variety of services to ship your  cargo safely at competitive prices within given time frames. When planning for the shipment of your personal effects cargo services and freight forwarder, the volume of your personal effects cargo you are shipping becomes most important to properly deliver the services most suited for your needs.

the most common type of cargo for this service is personal effects cargo, commercial cargo services, any small volume of cargo that does not lend itself to an exclusive container.
The cost for consolidated service is based on a minimum of one cubic meter which is the equivalent of 35 cubic feet.
All cargo will be properly packed, boxed, and labeled prior to arriving at the Ibrahim logistics warehouse.
We recommend having your loose boxes for safety and security,
A packing list is required for personal effects cargo services.
We offer door to door personal effects cargo services worldwide destinations.

Exclusive Container Services

you needed when moving your entire personal effects, including furniture and possibly an automobile with your personal goods and its Suited for residential and commercial shipments.
The cost for an exclusive container is relative to the size of the container being shipped and destination of the shipment where they arrived.
The container loading can be arranged from your residence (restrictions apply), storage facility, or warehouse.
A packing list is required for personal effects shipments services.
We provide door to door services for many worldwide destinations.

The fastest method is available for air freight services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar Usually the most costly method for exporting cargo overseas.
Cargo aircraft have been designed in such a way to carry and safeguard these goods and many business organizations and larger firms are aware of the importance of transporting products quickly. Freight rates are said to be the best way to do this because in sea cargo we have no doubt it will be cheaper and best.

Our relationship with global airline partnerships aims to offer the lowest – price, transit time, fixed allocations, and lift capacity of carriers in each major trade lane and their ability to add efficiency to our clients’ supply chain management.
Borderless personal effects services in the world.
Delivery unlimited to everywhere.
Fueling your logistics chain

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