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Sometimes shifting process becomes long than expectancy, in such cases we need storage for our valuable belongings. Being professional Storage Company in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad,  Rawalpindi,Gujranwala,Sialkot,Peshawar,Gawadar,Quetta,Hyderabad,Gujrar,Kasoor, Shaikhupura, Manga Mandi ,Bhair Bhero and all over the Pakistan, Ibrahim logistics provides storage and warehousing services in Pakistan to keep your belongings safe. People are not aware of this service but yes one can avail this service too. While moving to another state or country or city, we need a place to keep our goods until we don’t get settled down in the new town properly. If you too need storage facilities in Pakistan then Ibrahim Logistics will be the best option to store your goods as long as you want. Ibrahim Logistics is a company where you will get best and affordable warehousing and storage solutions.

There are many providers of warehouse storage services in Pakistan but Ibrahim Logistics is on the Top due to its professional services when it comes to deliver services like storage & warehouse Ibrahim Logistics operates simultaneously in warehousing, transportation via land, sea and air. We handle holding of records, preparation of many cost files and accounts and the distribution of final products. As a leading storage warehouse company in Pakistan, our warehousing services efficiency takes into account both short term and long term improvements in customer’s warehousing costs and operations. This includes shipping and delivery and storage and warehouse of a wide range of precious items.

When any company transport its products nationally or globally, the price that customer pays for shipping depends heavily on warehouses. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the customer to pick the best relocation company who provide storage and warehousing services at reasonable price. The storage units provided by us are cost effective and secured. Ibrahim Logistics always make sure that the problem of over flooding at the place of business should be eliminated. Therefore, it’s the time you realize that you should look for a good storage facility for the precious items of your house, which Ibrahim Logistics provides in a good manner.

Ibrahim Logistics | Warehouse Services:

We professionally managed all the services and it is 100% secure, our warehouses Services are specially designed to cater to different industrial standards and commercial needs of the consumers. With a complete inventory system and strict purchase order management, we make sure that all necessary criterion required by you and your clients are specifically met in due time. Aside from delivering the best in quality, we also offer highly competitive rates that give you the advantage of maintaining a cost-effective and affordable inventory for all kinds of items. Strategically located in a central and accessible location, we hold a true collaborative approach and support customized and cost effective freight and warehousing services for all types of businesses.

Why Choose Ibrahim Logistics & Relocation Warehousing and Logistics Freight Services:

Ibrahim Logistics & Relocation is the first choice of scores of customers worldwide because of its dependable customer support and highly coveted services. With a stringent delivery schedule, high-quality resources and the most experienced professionals on board.

Our Strategy

Computerized Tracking of Inventory:

Ibrahim Logistics & Relocation employs the latest technological solutions to monitor inventory records and keep track of all warehouse goods professionally

Storage Services Available

We also offer fast and secure storage services for optimum security of your goods during transportation.

State of the Art Inspection Services:

To maintain the security and safety of your goods from pickup to delivery, we offer SGS and High Class inspection services on your request.

Bonded In-land Distribution and Imports Network:

To make sure that the security of your inventory is maintained at all times, we offer a bonded in-land distribution and imports network. Count on Ibrahim Logistics & Relocation for the best freight and logistics services under a single roof.

Pick up and Deliver from Your Doorstep:

No need to worry about the transportation and security of your goods when you choose Ibrahim Logistics & Relocation warehousing and trucking services. We offer all local pickup and delivery services. Our professionally trained staff will be happy to assist you through every step of the way.

Take Advantage of our Best Deals Now:

For all shipping orders, we offer FREE warehousing during the first week.
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